Chicago by CityPASS


Chicago is the third most populated city in the country and it was so great to see such a large city be so diverse, organized, and friendly! 

The city of Chicago carries a deep rooted history as it was incorporated in 1837. Such richness from the past along with a carefully and beautifully crafted metropolitan area, makes Chicago an international base for businesses covering many industries while having 2.7 million residents calling it home. 

Before traveling to the midwest, I researched what to do and where to go in Chicago coming across many options. I carefully chose to use CityPASS for a budget friendly and trip that helps me get the most of Chicago in a few days. Arriving at my hotel, I was given my CityPASS booklet containing entrances to museums and attractions. I hit the town day after day and took my time with each place. Cutting time as pass holders get to go through different lines and not deal with paying the entrance fee at every stop. 

The Shedd Aquarium was the first stop. It brings 80 habitats from around the world right at your fingertips to explore. The variety in species was fascinating to see and all my questions regarding life in the Great Lakes were answered. Next was 360 Chicago. At 94 floors high above the city in record time, this observation deck offers spectacular views in every direction. From the lake, to the skyline, suburbs, and neighboring states. 360 Chicago was such a unique experience, especially during the sunset! 

The Field Museum was next, and those close to me know I melt for sciences. The grand white structure holds knowledge covering the beginning of the Earth starting at 4 billion years and everything in between until now. I was greeted by Sue, the most complete Tyrannosaurus which is also the largest! The pyramids, the plants, and each biosphere showcased in the Field Museum gives great insight about the natural world and Chicago is fortunate to host such knowledge. Alas, Skydeck Chicago sits above the entire midwest in the Willis Tower. The view from 1,353 feet only makes your eyes want to see as far as the can until the horizon meets the sky. This observation deck from the 103rd floor gives a view unlike any other, especially when standing in the glass balconies extending out into the void and hovering above the street. 

With such ease, savings, and access to amazing places - there is no other way to see Chicago like a CityPASS holder. 

Analinda Meneses