Santa Monica


The iconic Santa Monica pier is always full of energy with the roar of people on the rides and the sounds from the arcade games setting off for every point won.

The 106 year old pier reaches out to the Pacific Ocean carrying a large crowd of locals and visitors day in and day out. Artists share their talent along the wooden panels and musicians fill the salty air with their melody. The lookout at the end of the pier puts beauty in the way as the sky reaches down to touch the sea meeting at the infinite horizon line. 

Once at the pier, a walk down 3rd St. and a visit to Santa Monica Place is key to achieving the most authentic experience of Santa Monica. The 3rd St. Promenade is aligned with shops, restaurants, and acts  put on by street performers. I usually stop by the area to pick up coffee and walk down the promenade and people watch. I have seen several very talented performers and have also enjoyed a good laugh as they include the audience members in their shows. The Santa Monica Place is located at the south end of the promenade. The modern structure is left open for the Southern California sun to shine on visitors shopping the specialty stores.